Live from Zendikar!

Episode 1: Introductions Are in Order

Vado Thal, the lone merfolk loremaster in Greypelt, felt some Roil disturbance in the middle of the night and everyone in town is excited over the news. The Roil meant change and change meant exploration. By mid-morning, all three adventuring companies in Graypelt left to go investigate what might have occurred. The Murasa Expeditionary House quickly blazed to the North to check the mountains. The North Hada Trading Company went south into the Turntimber forest to check if anything happened in the vast woodland. That meant all that was left for the rag-tag team of explorers was the swamps near the haunted Helix of Zof.

While the going to Zof is easy enough, local hunters shun the paths to the west and everyone knows to stay away from the blue-slate ruins along the way. Although they had “caught the wrong side of the machete,” as the saying goes, all the signs indicated something was up towards Zof. The hedron field that had dotted the landscape to the west of Graypelt was now airborne and the dull-grey, pesky Myrac birds that had nested amongst them were gone, now replaced with beautiful red and green flying lizards. All these were signs of Roil, and were all good omens if you were looking for good omens.

After two days of travel, the explorers had to ditch the dusty paths and don whatever waterproof footgear they could to enter the mosquito-infested swamp. The Helix of Zof is a buried ruin of some ancient civilization. Eons ago, the water of the marsh had swallowed it up, but last night the Roil undid all of that. Pieces of crenelated building poked up from the marsh now like an ancient crown on a long-dead king’s head.


Now, just as long as whomever had lived here buried their treasures, secrets, and ghosts without laying any traps first, this was going to be easy going…



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